Team Bates: Check out Ivan’s TV ads!

We’re so excited to show you the two Bates campaign ads that premiered on Baltimore television yesterday. These ads were made possible by the support of Baltimoreans like you who want to see an end to violent crime in our City.

Highlighting 25 years of working in criminal law, Experience shows why Ivan is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to get both repeat violent offenders and guns off our streets. 

Ivan is outraged by the rampant violence in Baltimore, and Approach shows how he will continue to fight for the City he loves.

Every dollar raised helps Ivan stay on the air longer and put more ads into rotation. Team Bates is depending on your energy, encouragement, and commitment as we get closer to the finish line! Can you help us stay up on TV longer with a $25 donation today?

Team Bates has already knocked on thousands of doors, and we’ll be out in the neighborhoods of Baltimore every single day until July 19 when the polls close.  But these ads help us reach even more voters with Ivan’s message of restoring peace and justice to our City.  

Thank you for any amount you can give, and your continued support.

– Team Bates

By Authority: Friends of Ivan Bates, Catherine Flynn, Treasurer

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