GUEST EDITORIAL By Keon Gerow: Salute to Warren Brown, Baltimore Monumental Bar Association HALL OF FAMER

Attorney Extraordinaire Warren Brown, Esq. & Keon Gerow

(PHILADELPHIA – June 22, 2022) – Nearly 30 years ago, Attorney Warren Brown gave me my first job. I was 14 years old. He hired me for $25/hr., working 4 hours a week and I thought I was rich each Friday when I got paid🤣. It was so much more than just an internship. It was the first time in my life that I saw consistent #BlackExcellence that defied all odds. Simply being in his law office gave me a front-row seat to a classroom of excelling in life that I had no clue I would need back then. Excellence became a benchmark. It was expected….NO excuses. He exposed me to a world I knew not but quickly came to appreciate.

The internship was a job but Warren made it more than that. He saw it as his dutiful obligation to mentor, cultivate, and shape the genius of a young dude who was the product of a single-parent background and living in the hood. From 5 figure checks to help pay my tuition at Morehouse College to sage advice and everything in between, I am the man I am greatly because of the indelible fingerprints that Warren A. Brown left on my imagination.
That is why when I received notice that he was being inducted into the Hall of Fame by Baltimore’s Monumental Bar Association, I HAD to be there; without question!
Warren, you are an incredible role model and I’m full of ecstatic gratitude when I think of the father figure you’ve been to me. So much of my relative success has to do with you. You are more than appreciated and will never be forgotten. You’re a hero that’s never worn a cape. I honor you. Congratulations!