COACH: Maurielle Stewart to be Recognized at Black-Owned, 6.25.22

COACH: Maurielle Stewart to be Recognized at Black-Owned, 6.25.22

(BALTIMORE – June 23, 2022) – Be sure to RSVP for Black-Owned at the Downtown Cultural Arts Center this Saturday, June 25, 2022 from 10 am to 1 pm, at 401 N. Howard Street in Baltimore. The event will feature a number of speakers and the Joe Manns Black Wall Street Awards. Presented by, honorees include Maurielle Stewart, a dynamic entrepreneur who is very serious about her work. We admire her commitment to integrity and her appreciation of quality for all.


Who is Maurielle?

James Baldwin once said, “The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in.” That poignant notion, which sits above the desk in her old bedroom, has been motivation for this purpose-driven problem-solver and coach.

If you reverse 10 years to the start of Maurielle’s political career, you will find a common theme. She had a deep desire for an impact that was constricted by the systems in which she found herself operating. There were stories ingrained in these institutions that reinforced a culture that was fundamentally opposed to her beliefs. Forever the peculiar optimist, Maurielle was frustrated but remained hopeful she could be a difference-maker.

Despite these challenges, Maurielle slowly built a successful career. She worked for the House of Representatives advocating for constituents; served as a municipal elected official in Cheverly, MD; worked for the Obama Administration as an appointee; operated the lobbying mechanism of Prince George’s County government as a legislative aide; and worked as a Project Manager for an international non-profit.

Maurielle tried her hardest to fit in by ignoring her needs. However, there was growing tension between who she was becoming and the work she was being asked to do. After decades of self-denial, things reached a critical point in 2018; she had a mental breakdown. Maurielle was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety; she began treatment for debilitating panic attacks. This inconvenient interruption forced Maurielle to stop and look around. For the first time, Maurielle prioritized herself. That radical act of self-love introduced Maurielle to her purpose.

With renewed clarity and capacity, Maurielle began the next act of her career: coaching. She went back to school and earned a certificate in Integral Coaching from New Ventures West, a certificate from Teleos Leadership Institute, and an Associate Certified Coach Credential from the International Coaching Federation. Before joining 2U as a Student Success Coach, Maurielle founded Inquire Within Coaching and partnered with Employ Prince George’s to teach a first-of-its-kind workshop series that explored career coaching through a wellness lens.

Maurielle’s project manager and leadership experience culminated when she joined Baker & Navarro for Maryland as the Deputy Campaign Manager. It was an opportunity to use her expertise in coaching and passion for politics to build an organization that was both people-centered, joyful, and impactful.

Maurielle nourishes herself by finding joy in unexpected connections, dancing, matcha tea, a good book, live music, traveling, and time spent with loved ones (family, friends, and Milo the Dog).