To All People Who Cares About Our Children 

(BALTIMORE – June 20, 2022) – Our democratic society allows us to make a difference and change lives. As a candidate for Baltimore City School Commissioner, I want a seat at the board table so that I can make a difference. I believe that our extraordinary children deserve an extraordinary school experience and it is my mission to make that happen – but I need your vote, I need your support!

On July 19, 2022, Baltimore City voters will elect for the first time in 193 years, citizens to serve on the Baltimore City Public School Board. Two elected Commissioners will join the politically appointed nine-member school board. School Commissioners establish the rules and policies that will be used to govern the school system. Commissioners elect the school superintendent, guide/review the budget and establish spending priorities, approve bills, ​develop instructional philosophies, goals and plans. The School Board Commissioners review student achievement data to evaluate the school system’s effectiveness and make the needed changes.

Why am I running to be your School Commissioner? I am a product of Baltimore City Public Schools, my 10 brothers and sisters, my daughter and grandsons are all products of Baltimore City Public Schools. I see the failures and I see the strengths. As your School Commissioner, I will fight to prevent the closing of neighborhood schools that mean so much to communities. I will organize the parents whose voices have been silenced in educational decisions. I will recommend that trade school subjects be included in the curriculum of middle schools. I will push for a full audit of the school system’s funding. I will make sure those students with special needs have the resources needed to learn, function and enjoy the school experience. I will introduce conflict resolution measures for our children so they will pick up a pen and not the bullet. I will be the voice of the voiceless. I will push for an extraordinary school system for our extraordinary children.

Children’s learning is the ultimate value to be preserved. I need your vote to help make a positive change in our school system If you would like to get involved in my campaign, please email me at mikegojohnson@yahoo.com or call 443.531.1922.

Yours in the fight for better schools,

Michael Eugene Johnson