The Glover Report: What Unbalanced Fox 45 Can’t Undo About Thiru Vignarajah

Photo: Hero cop addresses Thiru Vignarajah at Fox 45 Town Hall for role in cops being investigated after stopping him for moving traffic violations.

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(RANDALLSTOWN – June 19, 2022) – As a citizen in Baltimore who happens to be Black, I think Thiru Vignarajah is merely a perennial candidate who is being shoved down the throats of locals by an over-zealous television news station by the name of Fox 45.

Tell the truth and shame the devil. Thiru is on TV so much you could easily think he works for Fox. Why pay for television ads when you have the access he has?

Why is Fox pushing this guy on us so hard? First, they pushed him for Baltimore City State’s Attorney in 2018, then for Mayor of Baltimore in 2020, and now again for State’s Attorney in 2022. That’s unprecedented in modern times.

Granted, I credit Thiru for his tenacity. At the same time, perennial candidates are eventually frowned upon as a sort of weirdo. What he seems to want is a position as a chief administrator somewhere, but would he be good for Baltimore? Has he earned our respect? And what’s his character like? Is he a decent human being? Is he married? Can the people of Baltimore, including a majority Black population, trust him?

He looks shifty-eyed to me. He’s got an answer for everything. He’s never met a mic he didn’t like. None of these characteristics I perceive are deal-breakers. Nope. I may not prefer him, but I’m not going to take away from any of his assertive character traits.

The thing I can’t get out of my mind is the way the hero cop addressed Vignarajah at a Fox Town Hall after he’d been caught on Greenmount Avenue late-night supposedly giving a lady friend a tour of Baltimore.

On the surface, that’s very innocent if that is in fact what happened.

Having been raised a block from Greenmount back in the 70s, it has always been a thorough strip of real estate. That’s East Baltimore for you. Black people in that part of the world do not play, especially at that time of night. Life and death are very real.

My point is that anybody cruising on Greenmount Avenue after midnight is in for a reality check, one way or the other. Let’s say, it is not the part of town people frequent for picnics at midnight. Period. End of story.

Yes, lewd and lascivious come to my mind.

Thiru was pulled over for driving without headlights and on a suspended license. Further, there was a “lady” in the car with him. When the cops pulled him over, he asked for a supervisor.

Thiru Vignarajah, Candidate for Baltimore City State’s Attorney, again!

Now, freeze. As a Black man in Baltimore, we often get no breaks. No supervisors are called. Your ass goes straight to Central Booking. They might let you make a phone call. But long story short, you’re probably going to jail.

Instead, Thiru Vignarajah talks his way out of trouble and that was that … for him. The cops involved, however, once the news got out, were investigated. Thiru, in his selfishness, jeopardized the livelihoods of two Baltimore cops because he was too selfish to own up to his own mistakes.

And this is the man that Fox puts up to replace the same State’s Attorney they slam daily on the news, Marilyn Mosby.

My question is what measuring stick are they using to gauge his worthiness to be elected? Does character matter? Because, I’m quite sure if the police caught Marilyn Mosby cruising for sex on Greenmount Avenue after dark, Fox would really put it to her. They already hate her. If they had even the slightest suspicion that she was involved like Thiru was in some late-night excursion on Greenmount, they would tell it to the world all day every day. Mary Bubala and Kai Jackson would have a field day talking about her. Instead, these so-called journalists carry the water for their employer, one with a piss-poor track record when it comes to racial relations in Baltimore, and lift up Thiru. For the record, Thiru is not our savior. He is a man, like everybody else, who is not without sin. Fox just chooses to mute his character but put Marilyn’s on front street.

That’s not fair. It’s not even-handed. And I don’t recall them treating Greg Bernstein that way, even when the Shomrim were the topic du jour. That’s the group in upper Park Heights that broke a black boy’s arm for being in their neighborhood. It was clearly racially motivated.

Further, this isn’t Thiru’s only recorded inappropriate encounter involving a woman. I’ve shared it before. Some years back, he tried to get some sex by illegally sharing state secrets. It’s a wonder no charges were filed against him for betraying the public’s trust all for some freaky-deaky time under the sheets.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t trust a person like this to be my State’s Attorney, Mayor, or anything else. He comes off like a sex-crazed, Napoleonic psychopath who can’t find a better use of his talents than to come on TV every day with his carpetbagger motif as if he truly loves the city I grew up in. I think once in office, he would be a return to the days when being Black and male will get you locked up faster than a Baltimore speed camera. I don’t think he has any love in his heart for people, especially when it comes to Black people.

Like Malcolm X said, you can’t serve the people if you do not love the people. Thiru’s another Ben Jealous/Martin O’Malley type who comes here thinking we are stupid and will go for anything thrown at us.


We see thru your insidious mannerisms. We know you don’t care about anything but your own political career, and I don’t care if Fox 45 has you on all day and night, I wouldn’t vote for your nasty self if you were running for dog catcher. We are sick of any and all would-be politicians who have no love for us. We despise you. You should go home and crawl under the bed because you are not helping the problems. You’re only adding to it.

Every single day, this network paints an ugly picture of Baltimore. That’s a part of it, but not all. And after you’ve been slamming us, do you think we want to hear your patronizing afterward? Really?

Maybe Mckenzie Frost can put those investigative skills on Thiru.