The Glover Report: Do you know who your state delegates and senators are?

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By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – May 6, 2022) – This is a statewide election year in Maryland. We will vote for the next governor, attorney general, and comptroller. We will also vote for a number of other down-ballot races, including our state legislative district representatives. This typically includes one State Senator and three State Delegates.

Question: Do you know who your State Senator is? Your Delegates? More importantly, why it is important to get to know them?

Well, for one, my State Senator, Antonio Hayes in the 40th (there are 47 districts), just sent out an email to his constituents reminding them that today is the deadline to apply for a state Senatorial Scholarship. All throughout my undergraduate days, I made sure to get one. As a matter of fact, one day this beautiful woman named Lillie Juanita Glover politely took my hand and walked me down Moreland Avenue and turned left onto Baker Street, and proceeded to walk me up the steps to Senator Troy Brailey’s porch.

Our parents were so brilliant. The lessons they taught us if we but listened.

Long story short, I got the money. And I kept getting scholarships through my senior year.

Here’s the link to find your Maryland state representatives; it can be a little tricky to find; that’s why I’m putting it out there.

This is the information we need to know and know now! These are the folks – 188 of them across the state – who we send to Annapolis every year for 90 days (mid-January to mid-April) to discuss 2,500 bills. Some go into law; most don’t, especially on the first try. They also help allocate money for our districts. So, get to know them. Contribute to their campaigns. Volunteer, even. Get involved in the process. Voting is about more than just Election Day. A responsible voter is an informed voter!