TGR: CONGRATULATIONS to the MWMCA Family on the 19th Annual Breakfast!

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – May 6, 2022) – One thing I love every year is Wayne and Pat Frazier’s top-notch business event, the Maryland-Washington Minority Companies Association’s annual breakfast at Martin’s West. I personally bill it as the biggest Black business event in the state. People of all races come to this event from not just Maryland, but surrounding states, including New York.

I am so proud of the Fraziers for their commitment to hosting this spectacular gathering of business people, elected officials, and government agency representatives. I think anyone in business should be at this event. I just do!

It is an excellent opportunity to meet the players, like Ricky Smith, CEO of BWI-Marshall Airport. Marty Glaze was there. He is the President of Commercial Construction. Kevin Johnson was there. He is the CEO of Commercial Group. And Jeff Hargrave of Mahogany, Inc. was in the house.

Unless you have been on the other side of the moon, then you know that these are serious Black business people. Even more, they love the people of Maryland.

Today’s event was a classic demonstration of what a first-class event looks like, and I was grateful that the good Lord allowed me to see it. I even bumped into Dr. Anthony Jenkins, the new President of Coppin State University.

It is imperative that more of us attend these kinds of events. It is essential to the growth of Black-owned businesses. The more we come together, the more we all benefit.

We don’t have to be in love with the owner of Black-owned business to support them. We don’t even have to like them. But, for real for real – if they legitimately hire Black people, the truth is that we have an innate responsibility to support them. And if we can’t, then we at least don’t bad-mouth them.

Black people have been through too many obstacles, especially in today’s still-racially charred environment. That is why we must forgive and let go of a lot of things. We cannot afford to spend 5 seconds being mad at each other, especially in a day and time when people are dying all around us.

We must dig deep and tap into the love in our souls, the same kind of love that carried our ancestors through even worse times. So, again, big ups to the Fraziers for blessing us once again with an impeccable morning of business networking opportunities and awards. Thank you!