BMORENEWS STEM CAMP 2022: July 11 – July 22, 10am-3pm has joined forces with Druid Heights Community Center and to present the STEM Camp 2022.

As a student in the Baltimore City Public School System, while I was above par in math through the 8th grade at William H. Lemmel Junior High School, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute’s A-Course showed math on a whole other level. I immediately realized how ill-prepared I was compared to my counterparts from other schools. If I had the chance to do it again, I would have had much stronger math skills before entering the 9th grade.

With this in mind, has joined forces with Druid Heights Community Center and to present the STEM Camp 2022. This will feature a co-hort of 10-12 students who will be exposed to an array of careers that involve science, technology, engineering, and math. Further, we will be LIVE streaming our activities both in-studio and during field trips. We want to help grow and empower our campers to be able to tell their own story through their own lens.

In addition, students will have math class everyday covering Algebra. We will also cover Cryptocurrency.

This program is designed to dramatically augment the student’s career trajectory.

Topics include:




Financial literacy including Cryptocurrency

Construction Engineering



Social Media & Black History

Law & STEM

Social Responsibility: Feeding the hungry; Black Wall Street and the need to support Black business

Each day will focus on a particular topic. We will take field trips, including one to BWI-THURGOOD MARSHALL Airport under the guise of CEO Ricky Smith and to Chosen Media, another to a TV studio located in Timonium, and also across the Bay Bridge to see Gary Mangum. Students will LIVE stream interviews during these field trips as we speak with doctors, media professionals, lawyers, business owners, farmers, and anyone else who makes a living utilizing 21st-century technology. The goal is for students to reimagine a future that better includes them.

The founder of, Dr. Tyrone Taborn, has been toiling arduously in the vineyard for 40-plus years in a noble attempt to close the digital divide. No one has done more than he to end the digital apartheid that keeps Black and Brown children on the periphery as opposed to the core.

Hardly a victim, Dr. Taborn has always encouraged victory by providing our youth with the necessary access so that they can be better positioned for the future. So, it all starts on July 11, 2022, and we encourage your support.

Many thanks to Rondy Griffin of Enterprise for securing a 15-passenger van for the 10 days of camp. And thanks also to the various people and businesses who have lent their time, talent, and support, including Ms. Azalee Fisher at Druid Heights.

Doni Glover, Publisher


To participate in the STEM camp, students should write an essay on “What STEM Means to Me” and email to: by COB June 30th, 2022. The students with the most promising essays will be selected. Priority given to 7th & 8th graders. Do include name, grade, and phone number. FMI, call Doni Glover at 443.858.2684.