TGR: POLITICS22: BROOKS VS. JALISI: 10th District State Senate Race features Two Delegates

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – April 16, 2022) – Ahhh, the sweet smell of spring is upon us as the 2022 gubernatorial election season is in full swing. From dossiers to financial records to negative voting records, it’s all fair game! As Daren Muhammad stated yesterday in an exclusive interview, “Politics is a full-contact sport.” If a candidate cannot handle the scrutiny, they need to get out of the kitchen.

In this column, I have to put the spotlight on the 10th district. First and foremost, many congratulations to the ever-powerful state Senator Delores G. Kelley on a spectacular career. She is one of the most accomplished legislators of the 20th and 21st centuries. Further, her knowledge of the legislature and its history is impeccable. I once saw her rattle off every nook and cranny of former state Senator Shirley Nathan-Pulliam’s biography from memory.

The only other legislators – Black, white, or otherwise – that I personally saw speak so effectively were former state Sen. Joan Carter Conway and Delegate Howard “Pete” Rawlings.

Nonetheless, with Kelley finally retiring, this leaves her seat vacant. Who will get it?

Democratic candidates seeking that seat include Stephanie Boston, Delegate Ben Brooks, Delegate Jay Jalisi, and Lawrence Williams. Keep political observers suggest this state senatorial contest boils down to the two delegates in the race: Brooks vs. Jalisi.

Brooks comes out of the 10th district Democratic club, is a business owner on Liberty Road, and is on the Unity Team ticket featuring Speaker of the House of Delegates Adrienne Jones.

Jalisi, although not on a prominent ticket, is no slouch when it comes to campaigning. Although he is not African American, has become quite comfortable in a majority Black district and has been known to endear himself frequently to the Black church.

For this political observer, this is going to be one hot race to watch.