Black Wall Street HARLEM 2022 to Recognize Brandy Cochrane, 4.8.22

(HARLEM – March 28, 2022) – BmoreNews.comin conjunction with the Harlem Business Alliance (HBA) and the DMFirm, will present Black Wall Street HARLEM 2022 at 275 Malcolm X Blvd. # 2, New York, NY 10027. The event features the Joe Manns Black Wall Street Award which is designed to celebrate Black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race. To date, BmoreNews and its partners have honored over 1,800 individuals in a dozen or so US cities.

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Honorees include Brandy Cochrane.

Who is Brandy?

Brandy is the founder of Entrepreneur Meal Plan (EMP). EMP provides a space for leaders to connect, share resources, and have “real talk” about what it means to be well-rounded business people. She’s combined her passion and experience as a creative strategist and a plant-based chef to help over 170 creative professionals and entrepreneurs develop ideas, find simple affordable resources, and take the guesswork out of eating simple, nutritious, and delicious food. Brandy is also passionate about protecting the environment. She has been featured in the New York Times, the New York Daily News, and other publications for her community beautification work.