Gov. Hogan Endorses Kelly Schulz for Maryland Governor

(ANNAPOLIS – March 23, 2022) – Yesterday, down on the water in Annapolis, Maryland Secretary of Commerce Kelly Schulz was front and center as she was endorsed to be the next Governor of Maryland from the Republican side by term limited-Gov. Larry Hogan. Inside a waterfront hotel banquet room, Schulz, surrounded by her family, told a full house how she aims to build on the progress made under Hogan.

In his introduction of Schulz, Gov. Hogan stated that Schulz was there with him from the very beginning as they built “Change Maryland”.

Maryland, a 2-to-1 Democratic state, has had a Republican governor in office for 12 of the last 22 years. Not bad for the minority party in terms of state politics.

“Hello, Maryland!” Schulz exclaimed as she took the mic. “We have changed Maryland! It is the leadership that made that happen.”

Schulz spoke about working her way from being a single mom and serving tables to successfully becoming her own boss. While she currently serves as the Secretary of Commerce, her first post was Secretary of the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulations.

She said she took that assignment because it was a troubled agency and she wanted to help get it back on track.

Sec. Schulz (right) is pictured here with her family, Gov. Larry Hogan and First Lady Yumi Hogan.

Gov. Hogan greets Kelly Schulz’s husband, John Nowell.