Op-Ed: Statement Regarding Gov. Hogan’s FY supplemental budget

By State Sen. Cory McCray, Chair
Baltimore City Senate Delegation

(ANNAPOLIS – February 22, 2022) – Baltimore City’s education system is the cornerstone of the future of our youth and our city. It is critical that our education system is provided with the necessary and sufficient funding to produce thriving, academically competitive students. The legislature took action by passing “The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future” and, unfortunately, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan failed to appropriate the mandated funds to areas with concentrated poverty in his FY 2023 Budget submitted to the legislature in the month of January. Our children deserve access to the vast array of educational programs and resources that will ensure their success.

The onus was on the Governor to put the money where it would count—into the districts that need it most.  By taking measures to correct prior missteps, Governor Hogan has chosen to contribute to the triumph of Baltimore City and its pupils.

The Honorable Elijah Cummings once said, “Our children are the living messages that we send to a future that we will never see.” We must make the investment, and sow into the future of Maryland—piece by piece, district by district, city by city.

Reallocating the $99 million to Baltimore City is a profoundly restorative step in the right direction. Thank you, to all the advocates who lifted the voices of the voiceless in pressuring Governor Hogan to make the right decision in the supplemental budget released today.