presents The ORIGINAL Black Wall Street SERIES featuring The Joe Manns Black Wall Street Awards: Baltimore, Washington, New York is pleased to announce the lineup over the next couple of months for the Joe Manns Black Wall Street Awards. With the COVID numbers going down, we are excited to resume what we believe is a critically important mission: to support Black-owned businesses, to encourage entrepreneurship, and to help preserve little-known Black Wall Street History.

In Baltimore, there was Pennsylvania Avenue. In Washington, D.C., there was the U Street corridor known as Black Broadway. In New York, earlier than most other parts of the country, there was Seneca Village in Manhattan and Weeksville in Brooklyn. There were the Black meccas – the economic hubs where African Americans did business.

As we reflect on this year’s Black History Month, I am reminded that Tulsa’s Greenwood District was but the tip of the spear – that there were, in fact, Black towns all over the country, including more than 500 in East Texas alone.

On that note, be sure to pick up a copy of “I Am Black Wall Street”, and learn more of the history we never knew. There’s something in it for all people of all ages.

Do stay tuned to for news and information, including all updates surrounding our ORIGINAL Black Wall Street SERIES. We’re headed into our 11th year of these awards. We celebrate Black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race. To date, we’ve honored over 1,800 individuals in a dozen US cities.

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