Baltimore Talk Show Hosts Zoom Meeting, 3.8.22, 4 pm

QUESTION: Are you a talk show host? If so, do you know your colleagues? Yes, your colleagues!

There is a wealth of media talent in Baltimore. Some have even gone on to make their contributions across the nation and globe.

With this in mind, all radio and TV talk show hosts are invited to be a part of this coming together of the minds to see how we can better support each other.

We are all vying in a world where mainstream media is better funded with more technical resources. However, we collectively have the talent and the determination to outwork any competition anywhere on the globe.

The key is working more cooperatively.

The aim of this meeting is to first identify/recognize our colleagues, and then see what ways we can better assist each other. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Stay-tuned for more info. Please RSVP to