Maryland General Assembly Kicks Off Jan. 12th in Annapolis

(Photo: Former Seat Pleasant Mayor Eugene Grant, publisher Doni Glover, and Dr. Wilbert Wilson in Annapolis in 2014.)

(ANNAPOLIS – January 9, 2022) – IF YOU LIVE IN MARYLAND, then you want to pay attention to Annapolis this week. On Wednesday, the 444th session of the Maryland General Assembly kicks off at the State House. Afterward, there will be 90 days of meetings regarding some 2,500 bills. Some will become laws.

This is where the money gets distributed. After all, that’s politics: the process of determining who gets what, when, and where.

The point is simple. Politics involves much more than just pulling a lever or filling in a circle. Politics is also about going to Annapolis, meeting with one’s state Senator and delegates, and advocating for one’s community.

We, as a people, have to become more politically astute. Other groups, who have much smaller numbers, are able to organize and effectively get what they need out of Annapolis. We need to do the same.

My community represents 30% of the state’s population. Thus, we need to act like it. We need to know who our elected officials are, what bills we need them to push, and how to effectively get those bills turned into law.

I think this is where we miss the ball. We too often expect someone else to advocate for us. ATTENTION: It ain’t happening! YOU gotta go and do it yourself or else it quite likely won’t get done! No one is going to do for us what we can and should do for ourselves. GET ACTIVATED, PEOPLE! #marylandgeneralassembly

PS – The main number to our statewide officials in Annapolis is 410.841.3000.