The Glover Report: POLITICS22: All Eyes on Jan. 12th Campaign Finance Reports

(Photo: BlackUSA.News Morning Show host William Honablew, Jr. interviewed gubernatorial candidate Doug Gansler two weeks ago on our sister network, BlackUSA.News)

“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” ― Sun Tzu

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – January 3, 2022) – Next Wednesday is an important date for any and all candidates running in this year’s statewide election in Maryland. Why? It is critical because on that day, January 12th, candidates’ financial reports will be in the spotlight. It will demonstrate who can raise money. It will also signify who has not. The deadline for any candidates to file for running, by the way, is February 22nd. Many names are out there, but not all of these people have officially filed.

The end result can be crippling for the weaker horses in the various races. Or, it could be that very spark that a candidate needs to get on the ball.

Frankly, as noted in “Art of War”, if it takes a January 12th benchmark to motivate a campaign, then it is already over and the candidate may as well get their sights on something else besides this year’s election.

These are the cold, hard facts.

Money is the lifeline of almost any campaign. And, while there are veteran candidates who know how to do more with less, the average newcomer lacks this experience and concludes that the right number of television commercials, for instance, can win a given race.

Like in football, if a candidate is solely counting on television but has no ground game, they lose. The ground game, I might add, should start long before the campaign season.

Former Baltimore City Councilman Nick D’Adamo was a master at this kind of thinking. His philosophy: You have to knock on a door at least three times. He believed that you have to literally touch your constituents at least three times. I watched him do it for years. That’s old school. That’s how the people who trained me in the late nineties did it: The old-fashioned way.

Now, COVID indeed presents a challenge. Solution: Start earlier!

With COVID-19 still fresh on everybody’s minds, candidates do have to adjust. Sure, political people have dealt with pandemics in this country before, but that’s been a century ago. Truth be told, only a few have experience running a campaign in the middle of COVID. In short, this is a whole new ball game.

So, I expect to see some really creative approaches. Social media, a relatively new phenomenon, has certainly earned its place in a campaign.

But again, and it’s because I’m old school, nothing trumps relationships. All of the ads in the world amount to nothing if a candidate does not have the right relationships. It’s like dating a woman. You can’t smile at them and think that alone is going to win one her favor. Traditionally, you have to earn that woman’s trust.

And given the state of affairs of this world, especially for Black folks, there’s a lot of trauma and a lot of healing that cannot be overlooked. Blacks have been so very loyal to the Democratic Party in Maryland since forever. Democrats have dominated in Maryland going back to the days of Gov. William Grason in 1839.

However, the party has not reciprocated. We still do not have a Black governor or US Senator. We do not have a Black Attorney General or a Black Comptroller for the state of Maryland.

The question becomes: Why not?

With that said, for now – all eyes are on next Wednesday. It will separate the men from the boys.

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