Guest Editorial: REPRINT from 2016: New Baltimore Ninjas

By Catalina Byrd

Dear Baltimore,

Our culture and communities are under attack in ways they never have been before. The gatekeepers of our institutional wisdom and economic power as communities of color are dying and seem to have left no heirs. These new ninjas about to erase us from our own birthright and many of you are being complicit in it. These #NewBaltimore ninjas are more savage than anything you’ve ever seen but you won’t understand what I mean until it’s too late – I wish we had bridged the generational gap sooner so #OldBaltimore could be preserved but clearly, we didn’t.

There’s never been a time in my life that I ever wanted to leave here so not to have to watch what is to come knowing I can’t stop it alone but I do now … I’m bout to work my business plan and find the dude from Treehouse Master’s and build me a home on the land that’s been in my family for 220 years and live off the grid. What I am witnessing, hearing, and in the know of is heartbreaking on so many levels. It makes my chest hurt, my head want to explode, and my soul literally aches. I gave birth to two children in Baltimore who will never know the real Baltimore – what’s on its way to being left is some outsider’s vision of what we should have been when we were just fine with what we already were … just needed an even playing field for a change.

Remember the road to hell was paved with good intentions – don’t act surprised when those bill of goods you were sold end up rotten fruit on your doorstep.
#LiveYourTruth #ILoveTheRealBaltimore #MissMeWithAllYouThinkYouKnowBoutUs