TGR: Baltimore’s Inability to Forgive: WHY WE ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY!

Baltimore media, politicians are key parts to the problem

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – December 17, 2021) – Let’s call it what it is! No one wants to change. No one wants to forgive, either.

That’s what’s wrong with Baltimore, if you ask me. We, as a city, are stuck in a time warp or something, because we cannot effectively secure ample leadership. Further, I submit that it is the mainstream media that is complicit with our clearly inept leadership as Baltimore City is going downhill quickly wearing gasoline drawers. Murderous violence has pushed us way beyond a state of emergency into a twilight zone where common sense escapes our leaders.

A few weeks ago, a thirteen-year-old girl was shot in front of Lillian S. Jones Recreation Center in my community, Sandtown. Also, a 69-year-old woman was killed in the basement of a church on the Eastside. And now, a policewoman shot up while sitting in her car. We’ve superseded the number of murders at the same time last year and the future isn’t looking any brighter. Our mayor is in way over his head.

I don’t agree with a lot of rhetoric spewed on Fox 45, however, they seem to be the only television news outlet willing to push the tough questions on our elected officials, especially with regard to the plaguing violence and the current state of affairs at Baltimore City schools headquarters.

Clearly, the city is a hot mess right now with no end in sight.

I am reminded, though, that three different times, the city and/or the powers that be rejected Sheila Ann Dixon as mayor. Somehow, we, as a city, could not forgive her even though we knew she would get the job done.

And three times, we’ve found ourselves deeper and deeper in dog feces.

Before Dixon even became mayor, someone had already poisoned the well. By the time she became mayor, she was dealing with a court case that ultimately forced her out of office.

What I will never forget is how petty it was to go up in that woman’s house with a raid taskforce – making it look like she knocked off a bank and killed 20 people. All of that was totally unnecessary. I submit to you, someone did not want Sheila in office.

Let it be stated that in her short tenure as mayor, she still got things done and marvelously so. The city was clean. Cops were cool. Violent criminals were arrested. And people were relieved to have a mayor who was so much better than Martin O’Malley and his Nazi-like, ‘lock’em up and throw away the key’ law enforcement approach to dealing with Black people.

I don’t know about you, but I thought she was and is best qualified to run this city and I stand by it. Running this city is a thankless job. To do it, you have to have a certain level of chutzpah. And she’s always had it.

In her comeback election in 2016, she was robbed again in broad daylight. Where there were some 200 voting irregularities in the 23 other Maryland jurisdictions combined, Baltimore City had over 1,800. In fact, I helped lead a group that got those results decertified. That was unprecedented. Further, all kinds of funny business unfolded in that election, including an election day riot at the Pugh campaign that went grossly underreported and a Baltimore City Board of Elections that really and truly warrants federal oversight given their blunderous performance in recent years under Armstead Jones.

Fast forward to 2020, and that’s when, in my honest opinion, those dirty little powers that be who denied Sheila before were at it again. I recall her ahead in that election, and then at the last minute, this huge influx of votes from the 1st councilmanic district propelled Brandon Scott, who led in zero polls, to beat a proven champ. C’mon, man! There’s no way on earth that boy could flat out beat Sheila Dixon and I don’t care what anyone says.

Three times Sheila was denied, and three times we fell, as a city, and busted our damn forehead. First, we got a riot – the first in 47 years, mind you – under Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. Then, we got more of an author than a mayor who is now serving time. And now, it’s like Pastor P. M. Smith said last night. He said we handed the car keys to the kids and now they are about to drive us all over the cliff.

I’ve concluded that somebody likes Baltimore being so dysfunctional. Actually, somebody loves it. They must. I figure that they benefit when a city falls so low that seniors and everybody else just stay in the house for fear of getting shot.

Ed Norris, the former police chief who did time in prison, too, nailed it today. He said he would lock this city down tightly and immediately so. Period.

We keep playing these kumbaya games. While I hate zero tolerance, at present we’re at the complete opposite of that spectrum where almost anything goes. We need a balanced approach, but first, the city has to get a grip on crime that is so brazenly out of control. What we are doing right now is obviously not working.

And there is no PR spin in the world that can change that.

We, as a city, should have forgiven Sheila and ourselves. Even more, we should not have listened to any of the news outlets because they consistently coddle and endorse candidates who cannot do the job. And at the end of the day, it is us, the citizens, who suffer the most.