PHOTOS:’s Black Wall Street REUNION: 10th Anniversary at Newly-Opened Darker Than Blue, 12.9.21

(PHOTOS: Michael Johnson, Konan, Marc Clarke, and Sr. Journalist Charles Robinson; group shot of honorees: (L to R) Divine Light, Inc. CEO Sakina Dean, Sr. Journalist Charles Robinson, Doni Glover, Michael E. Johnson, Gian Marco’s Marco, comedian Rickey Shackleford, Danise Jones-Dorsey, Konan, Afro’s Dr. Frances Murphy-Draper, Marc Clarke, and Tyrone Gaines (standing in for honoree Rodell Bailey-EL).

(BALTIMORE – December 12, 2021) – The management at is extremely elated with the turnout for its 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Joe Manns Black Wall Street Awards. The event was held at the newly-opened Darker Than Blue Grille, 413 N. Charles St. in downtown Baltimore.

Many thanks to our sponsor, Sakina Dean of Divine Light, Inc. at 2211 Maryland Avenue. God bless the work they do helping people recover in Baltimore.

To date, BmoreNews and its Partners have honored over 1,800 individuals in over a dozen US cities. The purpose is to celebrate Black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race. The goal is to help preserve little-known Black History and to encourage entrepreneurship, beginning in the Black community.

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CONGRATULATIONS to our Honorees!


Dr. Frances Murphy Draper

Charles Robinson, III

John Davis


Sakina Dean

Michael Johnson

Loretta Caldwell

Gian Marco

Marc Clarke

Danise Jones-Dorsey

Darker Than Blue Grille

Rodell Bailey-EL

Rickey Shackleford

Troy Hackley

Many thanks to Sakina Dean of Divine Light, Inc. (R)