Danise Jones-Dorsey to be honored at Black Wall Street Reunion, 12.9.21

(BALTIMORE – December 6, 2021) – BmoreNews.com presents The Black Wall Street REUNION: 10th Anniversary Benefit on Thursday, December 9, 2021 from 7 to 9 pm at Darker Than Blue Grille, 413 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201. RSVP to Bwsreunion.eventbrite.com.

The event will feature, as always, the Joe Manns Black Wall Street Awards where we celebrate Black entrepreneurs and professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race. Honorees for this very special 10th Anniversary include Danise Jones-Dorsey.

Who is Danise?

Danise Jones-Dorsey is a proven leader, Danise Jones Dorsey uses her creativity to resolve problems, mobilization skills to encourage people to action, and her gift to foster

“Esprit de corps” among stakeholders to facilitate the formation of lasting cooperation.

Ms. Jones-Dorsey, an anti-poverty activist, has a rich background administering and managing human service delivery program: and fighting material poverty. She says “my professional and volunteer life has provided me the opportunity to contribute to the elimination of societal structures that perpetuate material poverty, undermine family life, and destroy communities.”

Community Development

Currently, Danise serves as Chair for:

  • NEHI (Northeast Housing Initiative) who’s goal is to build housing for homeownership for families 50%-30% AMI (Baltimore Towson Area median Income) resulting in reversing the projected racial wealth gap and creating generational wealth. Additionally, Danise is expected to use her leadership skills and relationships to raise private, philanthropic and public dollars to accomplish NEHI’s financial goals.
  • SHARE Baltimore Inc. .….a NETWORK OF Community Land Trusts

(Charm City, Harbor West Collaborative, NEHI (North East Housing Initiative) SBCLT (South Baltimore Community Land Trust)) who’s goal is to demonstrate how area CLT’s can coalesce to

  1. Share “learning experiences” through technical support
  2. Share (as appropriate) overhead back-office functions resulting inefficiencies and reduction of overhead costs
  3. Create (as appropriate) synergy among the groups in order to leverage private capital investments…Additionally, Danise is expected to use her leadership skills and relationships to raise private, philanthropic, and public dollars to accomplish SHARE’s financial goals.

As a community-building organizer, Danise uses her insights and oral communication skills to move groups to their “eureka moments.”