Black Leaders Rally Behind S.A. Marilyn Mosby

Photo: Courtesy of J. Wyndal Gordon, Esquire: Marilyn Mosby was surrounded by Black leaders who support her and other Black women prosecutors enduring mainstream attacks. 

(BALTIMORE – October 22, 2021) – A group of Black leaders convened yesterday to demonstrate their support for Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. Both have been crucified in the mainstream press. Her attorney, A. Scott Bolden has maintained that the feds have yet to produce any evidence in the case.

Mosby’s husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, has had his share of unfortunate circumstances. There have been questions regarding his taxes.

Fox 45 Baltimore has made talking about Nick and Marilyn Mosby a sport. There isn’t a day that goes by where the power couple isn’t vilified in the mainstream press.

With this backdrop, some Black leaders have seen enough and yesterday they made their voices heard.

Among them was nationally recognized Attorney Ben Crum, Bolden, the ever-dynamic Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant, Pastor Todd Yeary, Baltimore NAACP President Kobi Little, and Maryland State NAACP President Willie Flowers.

According to Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon, one of the attendees, “We were there to rally around Marilyn Mosby as she goes through her legal challenges and let the city, state, and country know that these Black brothers support her.”

He added, “And, we want to express our frustration with the targeting of Black elected officials, especially Black women in law enforcement. Three Black female prosecutors – in St. Louis, Cook County, Illinois, and Baltimore – are being investigated because they have disrupted the criminal justice system as we now know it. It’s broken in many respects. Unjust and unfair. We were there to simply send a message that we noticed the pattern and practice of targeting Black elected officials when they stand up for Black people and desire to make our Constitution more than just the paper on which it was written. This conversation is really about Marilyn Mosby’s policies – nationally, there is outright hostility against criminal justice reform and how people of color, Black people in particular, have been over-prosecuted by the criminal justice system.”

In addition to Marilyn Mosby, Gordon is also referring Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx in Chicago and Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner in St. Louis.

Pastor Todd Yeary, who hosted yesterday’s press conference at Douglas Memorial Church, said, “Three of the most prominent Black women prosecutors in the country are being targeted in jurisdictions with the most egregious acts of unconstitutional policing to be seen anywhere.”

He continued, “It is no coincidence that the biggest threat to criminal justice is the profiteering in these three jurisdictions: St. Louis, Cook County, Illinois, and Baltimore. So, the conversation has to be expanded. The issue is bigger than Marilyn and Nick’s taxes. It’s about transformative policies that offend the status quo and the oppression of Black people for profit. We cannot allow this system to further oppress us.”