The Glover Report: POLITICS 2022: Gorgeous Prince George’s Davis for Maryland Treasurer?

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – October 20, 2021) – I talked to Chris Blake on Monday night as I was headed to Terra Cafe for LIVE jazz. Blake has always had a crystal ball in the world of politics. For instance, he was the very first person to name Osama Bin Laden as being responsible for 9-11. To boot, he was my treasurer back in 1998 when I stuck my big toe into politics. But, that’s another story.

He said the most interesting thing to me during our conversation: Blake suggested that Delegate Dereck Davis from Prince George’s County will be the next Treasurer for the State of Maryland. To say the least, I was blown away. The last Black Treasurer, to my knowledge, was Richard N. Dixon from Westminster.

This would clearly be a game-changer for Black people as Davis is a very strong advocate for our causes. To his credit, Davis backed down when Delegate Adrienne Jones, now Speaker of the House, was being put forth. That was a noble thing he did. Easily, he could have been selfish and that would have certainly caused a ruckus. He could have taken the Republican Caucus’ support and would have become Speaker.

Nonetheless, the word on the street is that Davis would make a wonderful Treasurer and has statewide support.

Del. C. T. Wilson of Charles County is known to have a conservative bent.

Further, it is being suggested that Delegate C. T. Wilson of Charles County would replace Davis as the new chair of Economic Matters. Charles County is where many Blacks from Prince George’s County now call home.

Another tidbit: Can you imagine a Hogan vs. Van Hollen for US Senate? Now, that would be a battle of the titans! Hogan, still with a good approval rating, would bring a ton of money to a race that would garner national attention. Charles McCurdy Mathias Jr. was the last Republican to hold that office (from 1969 to 1987).

Quite frankly, I’m wondering if we will ever see a Black US Senator from Maryland.

Lastly, as for the Governor’s race, Montgomery County’s Tom Perez has caught some eyes. While he ran for Attorney General back in 2006, he went on to work in the Obama administration. During last Thursday’s Black Caucus event, he spoke seamlessly about what a Perez administration would look like. And, while he had notes, he barely used them. That was very impressive. Too often, candidates make the mistake of reading their thoughts. His came straight from the gut. For me, that was refreshing.

Stay tuned to for more updates on the 2022 election here in Maryland.