The Glover Report: This is how you heal Baltimore!

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – October 12, 2021) – Good afternoon! My name is Doni Glover and I am the world’s biggest advocate for Black business. Whether it’s in Tanzania, East Africa, Port Antonio on the Eastside of Jamaica, or Monument Street in East Baltimore, I am forever excited to learn of and meet Black business owners.

One evening last week as I was out shopping for vittles for me and the pooch, I ran across this food truck. It wasn’t my first time seeing it. It was actually my second.

So I asked around, and immediately a person said, “And the food is good!”

The second time I saw it, I had to inquire: “Hey, is this Black-owned?”

And that’s when I met “Lemon”, the very business-oriented CEO of

Upon interviewing him on the BlackUSA.News Morning Show today, I learned that NachoBangers has three CEOs. This is an interesting business model, as noted by guest co-host Michael Haynie. The other two CEOs are Lemon’s brothers, “Cuffie” and “Killer”.

To say the least, is a very interesting business run by three young Black men from Baltimore who are on a mission to sell great food. Where? Anywhere!

While their primary area of operation is Baltimore, they have plans of going national. Miami and Atlanta are just two places mentioned for future business.

Haynie and I were so impressed that it became incumbent to make them honorees for this Saturday’s Black Wall Street ceremony. If you spend a few minutes with them – even online, you’ll quickly see what we did: Young Black men flipping the script and instead of taking from the community, they are giving back and hiring other young Black men.

This is how you heal Baltimore!

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