Black Wall Street of Baltimore Walk on 25th Street Was An Astounding Success! CONGRATULATIONS, Notre Maison!

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Congratulations to Jacqui Cummings Page II and the Notre Maison Family for producing a phenomenal demonstration of cooperative economics. It’s the Black Wall Street of Baltimore Walk and it was held on 25th Street between Howard and St. Paul. One hundred and two businesses were represented within a 3-block strip. It has been stated that there are more Black-owned entrepreneurs and businesses in this area of Baltimore than anywhere in the city.

Whatever the case, it is completely refreshing for this journalist to see. Too often, our Black-owned businesses are put second. Black Wall Street is a reminder of the progress we can make when we help each other – just like in all of the independent Black communities I discuss in my new book, “I Am Black Wall Street”. #NotreMaison #NotreMaisonConnects #blackwallstreet #IAmBlackWallStreet #bmorenews #Baltimore