Black Wall Street E.M.A.G.E. CENTER ft. BWS Awards & Book Signing, Oct.16 (3-5 pm)

We celebrate Black entrepreneurs & professionals as well as the people who support them regardless of race.

JOIN THE BLACK WALL STREET MOVEMENT! We’re back on Sat., Oct. 16th (3-5 pm) with Black Wall Street E.M.A.G.E. CENTER featuring the Joe Manns Awards and book signing for Doni Glover’s “I Am Black Wall Street”.

The goal is simply to further support and promote Black businesses, including the E.M.A.G.E. Center at 2132 West North Avenue. It is a classic example of a viable solution to the ills which plague our community.

For VENDING OPPORTUNITIES, call E.M.A.G.E. Center at 443.979.1774.


Prince George’s County, Maryland


Terra Cafe Bmore, 25th & St. Paul, Baltimore


New Orleans