Who Will Lead … amidst Baltimore City Public Schools and Public Safety State of Emergency?

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – September 12, 2021) – I’m no rocket scientist, and I’m certainly no legal scholar. However, I can read and comprehend the basics. Nonetheless, the Baltimore City Charter does speak to education and the operation of Baltimore City Public Schools. With that said, to hear our youthful mayor infer last week that the school system is not under his purview still has me speechless. Further, he suggested that the State of Maryland has historically underfunded the local school system.

Clearly, this is deflection.

What’s more disturbing is that other than Baltimore City Councilman Robert Stokes, not one elected official has uttered a word on the topic – to my knowledge.

How in the world can you call yourself a leader when, in the most tenuous of times, your voice is absent from the discussion on a most critical facet of local government.

Poorly ran schools, let alone the number of schools closed, have a direct correlation to crime. Besides, what Fortune 500 company wants to come to a city where 70% of the students have a 1.0 GPA?

People move where the schools are viable, not where the schools are non-existent or underperforming. This is probably the main reason hordes of Black folks have emigrated to the Liberty Road corridor from West Baltimore for the past 50 years.

Another thing: The Mayor suggests that he went to cold schools. I never recall freezing in class in Baltimore City. I never recall getting overheated in warmer months either. Not suggesting the Mayor is not telling the truth – only part of it, at best.

Granted, I’m nearly 20 years older than the Mayor. At the same time, with less money, the school system then tremendously outperformed what we have today. Sure, there is plenty of blame to go around. Sadly, many people in positions of authority are my own skin color.

At the same time, right is right and wrong is wrong, regardless of race.

The Baltimore City Public School System is undoubtedly in disarray and needs a major overhaul. However, acting as if the problems do not exist is no way of address our current status. In fact, it’s called denial.

Sure, our mayor is new. Sure, many of our Black political giants have passed on. Sure, this new generation of leaders has a lot to learn. Yet, the current dilemma we face as a city – including hundreds of unsolved murders and thousands of undereducated youth – beg the question: Who will lead?

Are our elected officials committed to making life better for all Baltimoreans regardless of race and class, or are too preoccupied with press conferences and getting “likes” on Social Media. Again, Who will lead?