(BALTIMORE – September 7, 2021) – Joel Gamble Community Youth Outreach, Inc. has chosen four elementary schools to which to donate their children’s superhero comic books. Former NFL Players Tavon Mason and Joel Gamble have come together to collaborate on a superhero children’s comic book series, and now they are donating to several elementary schools this Tuesday. They are looking to help bring excitement to reading in hopes of Baltimore City School students to improve literacy scores.

Baltimore City Councilmen Kristerfer Burnett and James Torrence will be at the elementary schools in their respective districts supporting the schools and the donation opportunity.

In part one of the series, the young duo finds the jerseys while playing during recess. Upon trying them on and feeling the jerseys’ power, they become afraid and attempt to hide the jerseys and go on with life as typical elementary school students. But just as they think everything is fine, they realize they have a real problem on their hands. There’s a school bully terrorizing students and teachers! Nothing is as it seems, and they realize something is a bit different about this bully. Now the young duo has a
decision to make: do they use the jerseys with the mystical powers to help even the playing field, or do they tell the principal about what’s going on?

“The Justice Duo” comic book series tackles the topic of bullying and other community issues with heroes Joel and Tavon as the main characters. We are excited to provide parents, teachers, and mentors with this series because it will provide them the opportunity to discuss these topics with children in ways they can understand. We are also very proud that “The Justice Duo” comic book series highlights African-American superheroes, showing that African-American men and women can be
leaders and pillars in their communities.

The book’s characters represent various ethnicities and backgrounds, fostering a culture that values diversity and equality.

Date: Tuesday, September 7th, 2021
Time: 12pm to 4pm
Location: Dickey Hill Elementary 12pm, Calvin Rodwell Elementary 1pm, Matthew A. Henson
Elementary 3pm, Johnston Square Elementary 4pm
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