Kellie Vaughan to be Recognized with Joe Manns Black Wall Street Award, 8.30.21 (6 pm), Terra Cafe Bmore

(BALTIMORE – August 22, 2021) – A native of East Baltimore, Kellie Vaughan has been about the work of the community for 15 years. She was educated in the Baltimore City Public School system and attended Lexington Terrace Elementary, Chinquapin Middle School, and Baltimore City College High School. Kellie knew early on that she needed to broaden her horizon as she looked towards a college education and therefore moved to Arizona in the tenth grade to graduate from Mesquite High School. From there she went on to college at Arizona State University. After her matriculation at the university level, Kellie moved back to Baltimore City in 2004 and has worked for great change in Baltimore.

In 2020, Kellie organized a 266-day protest in Middle River against a crab house that was deemed to be racist by the Black community. The main objection of the protest was to bring awareness to the power of the “Black Dollar”.

Since the protest, Kellie has continued to be an ever-present voice for the community and activist for Baltimore City and Maryland-at-large.

Kellie Vaughan is the current host of Face the Facts, a radio show on WOLB 1010AM. She also serves as treasurer for the Baltimore Chapter of the National Action Network. She is also currently a strong voice for the family of Korryn Gaines and Kodi Gaines where she fights for compensation for the wrongful death of  Gaines at the hands of the Baltimore County Police Department.

Kellie truly believes that “the work” begins and ends with all of the US.