The Glover Report: Candidates Preparing for Most Expensive Maryland Election

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – August 17, 2021) – In June of 2022, Maryland will hold its primary election where the citizens will vote for their favorite gubernatorial candidate of their respective parties. Maryland is a 2-to-1 Democratic state. With that said, there have been two Republican governors elected in the past 19 years, Robert Ehrlich and Larry Hogan – both of whom had Black Lt. Governors – Michael Steele and Boyd Rutherford. Ehrlich became the first Republican governor in 36 years of state history.

The list of potential candidates is rather interesting. They include Steele and Kelly Schulz on the right. One might take a look at Ryan Miner’s take on that battle. Long story short, Steele has latched onto the Lincoln Project; at the same time, Marylanders have not seen much of him since 2006. Schulz has run a couple of state agencies and, too, has political aspirations. She’ll have to prove that she is a proven leader who thinks like most Marylanders.

Marylanders have clearly demonstrated that they can vote Republican, …. but it has to be a certain kind of Republican: one that can relate to Democrats. For instance, Schulz is not a fan of masks. Good or bad? Many would agree, for instance, that we need to take the vaccine and wear the mask. Is wearing a mask no longer necessary? Having watched Asian news outlets for a while now, I see them wearing masks in public regularly. Is it time to simply conform?

Schulz has a seemingly strong track record of running agencies. People whom I know that have worked for her give favorable reports. To say the least, the Republican primary will be one to watch.

Now, given that a lot of Democrats cannot stomach another 4 or 8 years of a Republican governor, especially one out for accountability – the Democrats are going to have to prove that they can handle the business of politics.

As COVID-19 has threatened and killed many businesses, the next governor of the state must have a clear vision, some business savvy, and an outstanding team around them. While 17% of white businesses have closed, 41% of Black businesses have been decimated. Who has a plan to reverse this fiscal tidal wave in the Black community? Better yet, who will stand up for Black businesses at the Board of Public Works?

While Democrats are not typically known for their business acumen, that’s exactly the kind of governor we need next. We need a governor who will utilize wise counsel to create uniquely customized strategies to help empower the state – from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore to Western Maryland.

Former Prince George’s County Executive Rashurn Baker is eyeing the State House. So, too, is Wes Moore. Both are Black men.

Maryland has never had a Black governor, nor have the powers that be done much to change that. Last go around, Ben Jealous’ name was touted a bit. Many have not seen Jealous since.

Tom Perez out of Montgomery County has expressed interest in becoming governor. Hanging around Pres. Barack Obama has obviously inspired him. Former Attorney General Doug Gansler, who also hails from Montgomery County, has serious interests as well. And then there is Peter Frnachot, the Comptroller. Did he side too much with Hogan? Did he irritate his fellow Democrats? Will he pick a Black woman running mate? Will he respect Baltimore?

These and other queries are yet to be answered, but time will certainly reveal all … soon.

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