The Glover Report: Fox’s “City in Crisis” Campaign Eager to Slam City

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – June 14, 2021) – released a news brief today that a meeting is happening on Cumberland Avenue – no such thing – in Sandtown today at 5:15 pm. The news story seemingly has some erroneous if not misleading information. A group identified as Citizen’s Accountability is noted as the organizer of this afternoon’s event. Apparently, it is in response to the recent news in Fells Point.

Baltimore City Councilman James Torrence, for instance, is listed as an attendee. The councilman told Bmorenews that he is already scheduled for today’s Baltimore City Council meeting at the same time. Therefore, he will not be in attendance. He said he first learned of today’s meeting was this morning.

Another person listed in the clip, for example, was unaware of why he was getting so many phone calls today. According to Pastor Rodney Hudson, “I do agree that if attention is being paid to Fells Point, it should also be paid to Sandtown.”

He continued, “I am not necessarily a member of this group, however, I do know that they do work in the community. I do support the cause that we deserve the same services, including trash pick-up and police presence – that Fells Point gets.”

Hudson is the pastor of Resurrection West, Ames Memorial and Metropolitan United Methodist churches. These churches are located in Sandtown and Harlem Park. Hudson, who ran for City Council, has been an activist in this West Baltimore area for years.

“I did not know about this press conference with former Republican Congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik until this morning. I think they got really upset with what is happening in Fells Point. I do believe that some Sandtown residents are members of this group, Citizen’s Accountability.”

What’s particularly misleading in this new story is not the words, but the photo of the 1100 block of North Carrollton Avenue because that is my block. Considering that the Fox story states that we are a “City in Crisis”, Fox may want to spend a bit more time monitoring the actual progress being made.

If the City is getting some things right, then it is imperative we give them credit. It’s only fair.

Unlike the owners of Fox, I am a lifelong resident of Baltimore and am diabolically opposed to unqualified people speaking on Baltimore as if they are God. Some people believe what Fox says as gospel. And it is quite unfortunate.

I will be the first to highlight the very poor percentage of contracts from the City going to Black contractors and the first to advocate for brand new recreation centers for East and West Baltimore – just like the ones I’ve visited in Prince George’s County and neighboring Washington, D.C. At the same time, we journalists must perform due diligence.

I will add that as the vacants in the 1100 block of North Carrollton were razed, Black contractors were a part of the work.

And that’s the thing about people who stand on the periphery and toss hand grenades without ever going to the root of the problem: institutional racism. And for me, Fox – among Baltimore’s mainstream media, consistently helps perpetuate the real problem by way of propaganda. Do me a favor, give me the facts so I can choose for myself. After all, isn’t that what journalism is all about?



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