The Glover Report: How Baltimore’s Mainstream Media is Innately Racist: The Case of Fells Point

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – June 12, 2021) – It is astonishing how brazenly racist Baltimore media is. Either that or they are just plain stupid.

Baltimore has a heap of social scientists and non-profits that tout terms like “equity” and “inclusion”. Many groups get grants to further market such vain concepts. I guess it’s their way of reclassifying the same ol’ bullshit: racism.

But, is there really any equity or inclusion?

From the television stations to the one local daily newspaper to that rag of an online news outlet that pokes around City Hall and the Board of Estimates meetings – no matter how you shake it, flip it, twist it, turn it upside-down or inside-out, it’s that same racist crap perpetuated by their mentors in the industry who trained them.

Night after night after night, Fells Point has been the lead story. Alright, two people got shot. And some trash was left on the ground. The business owners and visitors there are in an uproar. They are flabbergasted and, rightly so, want immediate action.

Question: Do you know how we view this from the perch of the Black community?

For one, be grateful it wasn’t worst. As for the trash, Ummm … get a broom and sweep it up.

Secondly, how the hell do you think we feel? We call the police and get thrown under the bus. We complain about drugs, and we get the Dawson Family treatment. And as for shootings and murders, nobody in the City of Baltimore is more traumatized than the Black community.

FACT: At 9:20 pm tonight in the 2200 block of Reisterstown Road, there was a murder. When it happens in the Black community, it’s expected.

Why is that?

I’ll tell you why? It’s simple. These brain surgeons on the school board close a school. They even know that by closing a school, you kill a community. But they do it anyway. And then there are no food markets but liquor stores everywhere; so, people buy crap and digest crap. Sure, some get to go to a decent market. Yet, the vast majority don’t. Then, consider how the recreation centers are far from what they used to be. And mind you, this is after the Maryland State Lottery and now slots promised money for Baltimore City’s young people. But the new schools tend to be built far away from where they are most needed. Meanwhile, drugs are sold in front of police since Freddie Gray, vacant houses have become “shooting galleries” for IV drug users, and all hell has broken loose in the community. Today, we now have tons of white addicts slumming throughout the community. They are sleeping in vacants, dropping needles everywhere, and are quite the eyesore. We already had Black addicts and their shenanigans. Now, it’s like Night of the Living Dead all day long.

Some even have the audacity to act privileged, like they have the right to squat in a vacant or get high in your alley.

Add to that the impact of mass incarceration, generations of babies born to addicted or incarcerated mothers, sexual abuse, violence, alcoholism, and a host of health challenges, including the effects of lead paint – and you have a glimpse into the reality of Baltimore’s Black community.

Despite the well-intentioned efforts by those who claim to care, the Black community is left malnourished, undereducated, underemployed, and on the periphery of any progress in this, a majority Black city. While East Harbor looks quite different from the rest of the city and while North and Charles saw a facelift nearly overnight, the Black community never sees any development.

To boot, the mayor is Black. The City Council president is Black. And the Comptroller is Black. And the ones before them were Black, too.

And as for the state of our Black businesses, it does not seem like they are a priority at all. Minority Business Enterprises are barely even mentioned by officials from the City. Instead of these Black contractors and businesses getting double-digit participation in contracts, we actually get about 2%. Missed opportunities! Even though the better our Black businesses do, the better the City does – it doesn’t go down like that. Instead of getting a big piece of the pie, Black businesses collectively get crumbs.

You see, if these businesses could grow, they could hire more Black people. Common sense, right?

Well, one thing is for sure. If Mayor Brandon Scott was enjoying his honeymoon, it is certainly over now.

This week, the new chief executive had to choose. And he did.

While it appeared as though he was going to buckle to Fells Point pressure, he opted to listen to reason.

But it is the media, just like in the case of the Mosbys, which is continually fueling this non-issue.

The fact of the matter is that the Black community deals with a Hurricane Katrina-type situation every day. And no, we don’t like it. We, too, want a decent police presence. We also want to be safe. And we want our children to be safe. We want our corners cleared, but we also want, need, and demand the resources we have been deprived of too many times in the past.

If Fells Point is going to suggest holding back their taxes, then I know damn well we deserve a check for reparations. I repeat, no community has given as much, endured as much, and been treated worse than Baltimore’s Black community. So, if you’re going to effectively serve the people of Fells Point, then you’d better damn well do the same in East and West Baltimore.

Honestly, we know that folks hope we O.D., die, or just move away. It’s just pathetic, especially considering how the media and the powers that be pay attention to what they want. Rarely, however, does it coincide with our reality – let alone our progress.