Van Hollen to Join Move the Monument Coalition, NAACP in Virtual Town Hall

(EASTON — June 11, 2021) – Maryland Sen. Chris Van Hollen will be appearing at a virtual town hall 7 p.m.-8 p.m., June 14, co-sponsored by the Move the Monument Coalition and the Talbot County NAACP in support of moving the Confederate monument from Talbot’s courthouse lawn.

The town hall will come five days before a planned march and rally on Saturday, June 19, in Easton calling for the County Council to vote to remove the statue, erected in 1916 in the Jim Crow era.

It also comes weeks after the NAACP and ACLU among others filed a federal lawsuit against the county charging that the presence of the monument on the courthouse lawn is both unconstitutional and illegal.

Van Hollen’s presence at the town hall affirms his support of the coalition’s efforts to move the Confederate statue, the last remaining on nonfederal public property in Maryland.

Denice Lombard, a leader in the Move the Monument Coalition, said the senator’s presence at the town hall will send a powerful message before the June 19 march and rally.

“Senator Van Hollen brings a national and state perspective in support of our efforts.  We speak for much of Talbot County and the rest of the state in saying it’s past time to remove the last Confederate monument from nonfederal public land.  Let’s bring Talbot County into a new day ‘with liberty and justice for all.’”

Richard Potter, head of the Talbot chapter of the NAACP and an individual plaintiff in the lawsuit, agreed. “We appreciate the senator’s ongoing support in our efforts to see justice done for all Talbot County’s residents,” he said. “The time is now to get rid of this racist symbol.”

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