NEW BOOK COMING SOON: I Am Black Wall Street by Doni Glover (In honor of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street)

There are several books already written about the bitter-sweet history of Tulsa’s famed Black Wall Street. Doni Glover, author of Unapologetically Black, looks at the story behind the story. How did those Black people first get to Oklahoma? Who and what led them there? As Glover peels back the layers, the reader finds that Black Wall Street was birthed out of a 500-year continuum of freedom colonies.

In I Am Black Wall Street, Glover counters mainstream thought with a book highlighting some little-known slave insurrections across the Western Hemisphere and their leaders, all the way to La Florida. That’s where Black Seminole Chief John Horse emerges as a gallant leader to Oklahoma and beyond. Also, abolitionist John Brown and Exoduster leader Pap Singleton are recognized for their roles in making Kansas a popular destination for Blacks fleeing the horrors of the Deep South.

This book is sure to enlighten the reader to some important yet lesser-known history that is hidden before our very eyes. I Am Black Wall Street will also inspire this new generation entrepreneurs by assuring them that they stand on the shoulders of certified giants.