Official Response TODAY (1-230p): To Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) Investigative Report CASE # 21-0026-I Issued April 14, 2021

Why: To clear up issues of non-compliance with the City of Baltimore and violation of terms of Right of Entry (ROE) with the city.  To protect the school from; the threat of Expulsion of Veterans Services from, the former Samuel F. B. Morse Elementary School.  ISSCC is an accredited Private Career School by (MHEC)

Department of General Services (DGS) seeks to take space in the Samuel Morse School from veterans.

Who: NABVETS, Baltimore City Veterans Commission, National Guard, 231st Truck Battalion, All Branches of Armed Forces

Where: I’m Still Standing Community Corporation (ISSCC), 424 South Pulaski St., Baltimore, Maryland 21223

When: Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 1:00 pm 2:30 pm


*The corporate aim of ISSCC is to provide services to the adult participants of Baltimore City and surrounding counties. This includes the impoverished, homeless, Veterans, Women, Immigrants, Substance Abusers, Returning Citizens, Mentally challenged, Ex-athletes, IT Professionals, and those lacking postsecondary education. ISSCC’s commitment to the community is to intervene in the lives of the Underserved and bring back positive change to the residents of Baltimore. ISSCC provides “Wrap Around” services in collaboration with our multi-functional team to bridge the gap in the orientation and indoctrination of the existing enterprise in the city seeking to address and improve on the failing results of the current system.