BlackUSA.News in conjunction with R.E. Harrington Present The Small Business, MBE & WBE CONTRACTORS COLLEGE April 10 thru & May 1, 2021 (4 weeks, Saturdays, 10am-12noon, Virtual)


In an effort to help strengthen our business owners, BlackUSA.News and R.E. Harrington, one of Baltimore’s premier minority-owned businesses, have joined forces to present this 4-week curriculum. This is a FREE resource made possible by R. E. Harrington, so do take advantage of it.

Attendees will learn some key terms and concepts in the first two weeks as it relates to contracting with a municipality. Attendees will also learn about where the opportunities are and tips on maximizing what’s available.

Another key element of the Contractors College is relationship-building. No one is an island. In order to successfully run a business, the more resources one has the more likely one’s chances of success.

The second half of the college will go deeper into specifics, including key people and organizations a business owner needs to know. Bidding, bonding, and banking are topics our experts will discuss, as well as 21st-century marketing.

*All classes will be online at BlackUSA.News on Facebook and on YouTube.

*Contractors College is a 4-week curriculum designed to help empower small, minority, women, and disadvantaged businesses to better compete for local, state, federal, and private contracts.

*Speakers include CEOs, lawyers, government officials, former officials, project managers, and senior-level staff from across the United States.