BlackUSA.News Morning Show. 3.30.21: Former MD Sen. Barbara Robinson’s new book, Through It All: A Woman’s Journey from the Outhouse to the State House

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Your condition does not have to be your conclusion

Through it All is a book about racism, sexism, gender-biases, discrimination, corruption, intimidation, and harassment in the Maryland court system, and the state-operated home-healthcare industry during the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, as experienced by the author. It discusses corruption and unethical practices in Maryland politics. The book is a black woman’s journey from the south and the outhouse to Maryland’s courthouse and Maryland’s statehouse and moments in time along the way. It is a personal account of the author’s challenges while working in a white male-dominated workforce For Barbara Robinson, childhood was a nightmare, physical and sexual abuse, prejudice and poverty haunted her earlier life and led her on a path of self-destruction. But with the help of God, self-discipline and a newly found self-determination, mental toughness and hard work, Barbara overcame challenges that initially appeared insurmountable. Barbara integrated the restrooms in the Maryland court system and fought for and won the battle for black women to wear the natural hair style in the workplace and for women to wear long pants to work. Barbara fought racism and became the first woman and the first African American deputy administrator of the District Court, the Supreme Bench and the Circuit Court. She founded and operated a successful business, became a member of the Maryland House of Delegates and a state senator. The author sends the message that regardless of what hand life deals you, play it by your rules, push past fear, ignore the naysayers, and turn obstacles into opportunities.

MEET THE AUTHOR: BARBARA A. ROBINSON Business Consultant Workforce Development Trainer Motivational Speaker Educator Author Entrepreneur/Business Owner Political/Community Activist Radio Talk-show Host Adjunct College Professor Curricula Developer President & Founder: BARCO, LLC, Enterprises P.O. BOX 7667, Baltimore, Maryland 21207 Email: 410-486-6219 (Office) –– 410-804-6769 (cell)