Op-Ed: MARILYN & NICK MOSBY, I support you both and I’m not alone by J. Wyndal Gordon, Esq.

(BALTIMORE – March 24, 2021) – MARILYN & NICK MOSBY, I support you both and I’m not alone. You have demonstrated well your love for our communities, and you’ve effectively used your voices to speak truth to power —whether it filled a room or cleared it out. Unfortunately, in MD and nationwide, the more righteous the fight, the more opposition you’ll face and I know it can seem daunting at times. But keep your head high, adjust your crowns, and continue to walk proud no matter the outcome. We all know what this is —from Moses to Harriet ✊🏾—we’ve seen it all before and are all too familiar. The higher the level the bigger the devils.

TO THE PUBLIC: Judge them by the enemies they have. Understand that some ppl don’t want positive change in BA, they just want to figure out how to be better broken. Also understand that there are others who would rather burn the Capitol to the ground and watch a great nation, State, or city, collapse rather than cede progress, power, or control. There’s absolutely nothing new under the sun. —The Warrior Lawyer®! #thewarriorlawyer#GetGordononthephone#StandUpBaltimore#standupDMV