Join us Sunday March 7th for the Transportation Equity Act Town Hall!


Join us this Sunday March 7th at 6:30pm!

We are hosting a Town Hall to share how you can support Transit Equity in MD during this legislation session:

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Register for the Zoom Link Here

Once you’ve registered for the event this Sunday, below are a few digital action items you can take to further support:

1.Send a letter to your legislator to SUPPORT HB1204, The Transportation Equity and Assurances Act:

Pass (HB1204) Transportation Equity Analyses and Assurances Act of 2021

2.Share an organizational Sign-On Letter with your organization:

Organizational Sign On for HB1204

3.Learn more about why this bill is so necessary here:

Transportation Equity Act (HB1204) One-Pager


Maryland has a shamefully long history of racist transportation policies, from highways built through and dividing Black communities to the cancelation of the Red Line route, which would have provided urgently-needed access to jobs for residents in low-income, redlined communities in Baltimore and regional economy-transforming, transit-oriented-development.

Transportation equity is also important for people with disabilities. Because many people with disabilities do not have the option to drive cars, lack of access to other modes of transportation disproportionately harms them. Without proper access to transportation, people with disabilities continue to be alienated from the economic mainstream. People with disabilities are twice as likely to live in poverty in part due to difficulty accessing jobs, education and medical care.

Transportation should connect us, not divide us. All Marylanders should have access to a well-planned transportation system regardless of race, income, zip code, or disability.

Please join lead sponsor, Del. Sheila Ruth, the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition, BRIDGE Maryland, SURJ Baltimore, and others to discuss an important bill in the general assembly that will finally make equity a central goal in MDOT planning throughout any and all decision-making processes regarding all modes of transportation in Maryland.

Register here for zoom link by clicking here!

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