The Glover Report: Never, Ever Forget the Black Press! #BlackPress #BlackHistoryMonth2021

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – February 27, 2021) – In the formative days of the Black Press when slavery was the law of the land, it was people like David Walker who risked his own freedom and took pen to pad to speak out against this cruel institution. In addition to writing for Freedom’s Journal, the first Black newspaper, he published the Appeal…to the Colored Citizens of the World in 1829 and cleverly distributed it throughout the South to the extent that legislation was passed outlawing such abolitionist literature and forbidding slaves to read or write.

From the very beginning, the Black Press has been that voice for Black people when there was none. The Black Press promoted our businesses, reported deaths as well as births, and provided us commentary that could not be found typically in white publications.

As Black History Month 2021 comes to a close, I appeal to the young cadre of Black elected officials in Baltimore and Prince George’s County. I say this because on countless occasions, I see our otherwise beautiful Black leaders running to the Baltimore Sun or the Washington Post with their commentaries. It’s nothing to see our young Black leaders on television even.

My only caution to them is to never, ever, ever forget the Black Press. In the Baltimore-DC corridor, we have the Afro, the Baltimore Times, the Washington Informer, and, of course, – to name a few. I’m simply stating that it is imperative that our Black leaders run to Black newspapers, Black news websites, Black radio and television stations with the same vigor that they implore when going to mainstream outlets.

The Black Press has been fighting all along for Black people when mainstream publications refused to tell our story. And if they did, it was often with a slant.

No one is going to go all the way for Black people like the Black Press. No one is going to ask the necessary tough questions, regardless of the subject. And no one is going to speak truth to power for Black people like the Black Press has done from Day 1. The Black Press is the one who said Bob Clay did not commit suicide. The Black Press also is the one who highlighted how Baltimore City contracts too often overlook Black businesses, as articulated by the likes of the late Arnold Jolivet, Esquire. And the Black Press has been the one to cover our Black veterans who returned from foreign wars only to be neglected at home by the same government they fought and died for.

Be not mistaken, the Black Press has always played a significant role in the forward journey of Black America. Ida B. Wells is a classic example. Her pen was on fire and she took no prisoners. And so too did countless other ancestors, like Frederick Douglass.

They used media to accurately portray our story … as only we can … to advocate for change.

Never, ever forget the Black Press! And always support Black news outlets with your advertising dollars. Without you, there is no us. #BlackPress #BlackHistoryMonth2021

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