GBBCC: 2021 Community Consulting Lab – Client Application is OPEN!

2021 Community Consulting Lab – Client Application is OPEN!

What area of your business could grow if it had more targeted attention and focus? Is there a critical component for company growth that needs a fresh perspective?

The JHU Carey Business School’s Community Consulting Lab fosters an 8-week consulting experience linking talented JHU business students and small-business owners tackling some of our community’s most innovative and challenging needs. Student consulting teams are formed to provide strategic recommendations that will contribute to the success and growth of your company.

We have over 60 students ready to work with you and serve our community!

The 2021 spring cohort will follow a weekly business development curriculum taught by Will Holmes, Chairman of Baltimore City Chamber of Commerce and CEO, Will Holmes Consulting. Topics include: cash flow projections, operations, customer segmentation, human resources, preparing for capital, market research and benchmarking, and more.

We will review your request, determine if our student candidate pool can meet your project needs, and contact you to share final decisions on Thursday February 11th.

Important Dates:

  • [REQUIRED ATTENDANCE] CCL Client Orientation & Virtual Pitch Zoom Recording on Friday February 12th, at 6pm EST
  • Match Day 2021 is Saturday, February 20th, 2021
  • 8-Week Consulting Sprint Dates: March 1st – April 27th



For any CCL questions, I’m here and available to help! Email me at