ZEKE COHEN: Calling Out Comcast

We are calling out Comcasts for Price Gouging

Hello Neighbors,

On Tuesday, my colleagues and I wrote a letter to Attorney General Frosh asking him to investigate Comcast’s “data cap” as a form of predatory price gouging. The data cap would limit how much internet customers could use, charging up to $100 extra per month for overages.

Wednesday, they announced a delay of their 1.2 terabyte data cap plan. 

This is a start. But we must continue to fight against companies that exploit our families. Raising prices on essential services like the internet during a global pandemic is simply unacceptable.

Comcast claims that 1.2 terabytes is enough data to watch 500 hours of HD video. However, Technical.ly found that households could surpass the 1.2 terabyte threshold by streaming with 4K services for about six hours per day or 180 hours per month – (Baltimore Fish Bowl).
Many of us are working online. Most students across our state are learning online. So to arbitrarily create a data cap in the midst of a global pandemic is unconscionable.

We will continue to advocate for Baltimore’s families.


– Zeke

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