NAACP MSC Calls for Ousting of Insurrection Supporter Rep. Andrew P. “Andy” Harris

(COLUMBIA, MD – January 28, 2021) – The NAACP Maryland State Conference (MSC) calls for Rep. Andrew P. Harris’ expulsion.

Since the January 6, 2021 insurrection by domestic terrorist groups, our country has seen trusted (or elected) government officials and current or former law enforcement and military members identified, involved or having shown support of this insurrection and planned civil war on its own American government.

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD 1st District) (Source: US Congress)

A prominent, local supporter of extremism and acts of sedition continue for Maryland Representative Andrew P. Harris (R). His support has been widely shared during congressional testimonies and other public commentary occurring before and after this insurrection that risks the health of our nation and its elected leaders. As a civil rights organization the NAACP Maryland State Conference sees the flaw in such an embrace of dastardly actions that are an affront to our democratic process and peaceful transfer of power.

For his support, he has earned the Maryland State Conference of NAACP’s call for his expulsion from the U.S. House of Representatives.

Long before January 6, 2021 Rep. Harris was known as a lightning rod of the ring-wing. He clearly exercises his right of Freedom of Speech – however, he does not have the right to break the law and or stand with terrorists. In fact, it has been reported that Rep. Harris triggered a metal detector while illegally carrying a handgun to the Capitol. It has not been explained why Rep. Harris attempted to bring a firearm into the Capitol building but we do know that it is illegal to do so.

The constituents of Maryland’s 1st congressional district deserve officials that represent all of the district and whom, at the very least, respects the law – federal, state and local alike.

The NAACP Maryland State Conference calls for his removal by expulsion – as he should not be allowed to ever serve in Congress again. This response has been a continued plea from our membership particularly those of the 1st congressional district of Maryland with an ambition for how they and their neighbors desire to be represented. We also encourage these voters, and those yet to mobilized, to vote for change when they vote in the next elections. We must have a long memory of action of Rep. Harris and others who support division and extremism.

Willie Flowers
NAACP Maryland State Conference