The BmoreNews Morning Show Streaming LIVE, 1.18.21 (10-11am): Wayne Frazier of MWMCA & Abu the Flutemaker

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Guests for the 1.18.21 edition include Wayne Frazier of the MWMCA. When it comes to MBEs in Maryland, he is certainly a go-to guy for many Black business owners. And then we’ll be joined with a true Baltimore gem ….

Wayne Frazier represents the Md. Washington Minority Companies Association, LLC (MWMCA)

Company History

In 2002, Md. Washington Minority Contractors Association, Inc. (MWMCA) originated to advocate for minority and women construction trade contractors because so much work was being completed without the utilization of said firms.  Eleven (11) years later, in 2013, MWMCA evolved into Md. Washington Minority Companies Association and expanded its scope of work  to include all types of companies: trade contractors, suppliers, and service providers. MWMCA has a unique offering of services with one mission in mind, “Connecting Large & Small Businesses to Work Together.”

MWMCA has been extremely busy over the years with offering its many services, while remaining on the frontline too, including, hosting events to bring recognition and work opportunities to the minority and women business community; providing compliance and workforce development services to ensure that minority and women-owned firms have the tools they need and are receiving the training and information to do an outstanding job; testifying on bills, including some that have successfully become laws, in Congress and in the Maryland General Assembly that affect small, minority- and women-owned firms; assisting with creating policy for public utilities and simultaneously serving as Exelon/BGE’s consultant to supplier diversity so minority and women-owned firms can be involved in more work with the region’s largest public utility companies that provide our gas and electric generation in addition to our transmission and distribution services; working with gaming facilities to ensure that minority and women-owned firms are providing goods and services to casinos for their ongoing operations; meeting with healthcare policymakers to ensure that M/WBE professional, maintenance, intellectual services, and information technology providers have a chance of winning more work with the approval of the Affordable Healthcare Act; encouraging joint ventures on projects to help smaller contracting firms gain opportunities in the vast amount of building projects that are being undertaken in the mid-Atlantic region from school construction to Fortune 500 companies building their headquarters within the region; monitoring major transportation projects so that minority and women-owned highway, tunnel, bridge, and rail contractors get opportunities to work on the Purple Line, Red Line, airport, seaport, and I-95 projects.

Why Is MWMCA Unique?

At MWMCA, we tailor our services to the client whether it is a small business or a prime company. Yes, we have a core group of services that we offer, but we listen to our client and identify what their needs are and prioritize them. This process ensures that we are accomplishing what is most important to the client.


We’ll also be joined by the legendary Abu the Flutemaker! He is a musical genius – straight like that! By the way, has been covering him for years!