TGR: Despite COVID, Brighter Days Are Coming! (Meanwhile, keep the faith!)

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – November 18, 2020) – Hey, Baltimore! I know it’s cold and everybody with common sense is sick and tired of COVID-19, but we just gotta hold on a little longer! As we all know, the numbers are now spiking through the roof and it could seem like tomorrow is a very long time.

Most of us are weary. Our sanity might even come into question, especially with all of this quarantining and mask wearing. And let’s not forget the social distancing. It’s just a mess!

However, brighter days are coming and Baltimore City, despite it all, is doing better than most. We gotta believe that if we keep doing the right thing, and hold firm – we can beat this. Sure, the Holidays are approaching and we all want to see our loved ones. But this ain’t the time to get so emotional that we forget about … well, common sense.

COVID is real. Some are strong, but some are weak, too. Therefore, we have to be responsible and look out for our vulnerable populations. This includes our seniors, our babies, and those with pre-existing conditions.

Keep the faith, family, and “Go, Ravens!”