BMORENEWS: All Power to the People!

The past three and a half years with DJ Trump should have taught Black people that no one is coming to save us. We should have also learned that the rhetoric of “We, the people” and “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is a crock of crap and does not did include us; it never did! That is exactly why pushes the Black Wall Street Movement: Because this political system is never going to do right by us.

We’d better learn the value of our $1.4 trillion in annual disposable income, start some kind of business, get a passport, and consider other options.

Most disturbing, I must admit, is the thought that this recent election was even half-way close. The current leader of the free world has done everything possible to defame the good and righteous values of decent Americans.

He has also, on the other hand, helped expose just how many Americans have the ignorant blood of their racist ancestors still flowing deeply in their veins – ancestors that lied, stole, infected and destroyed the very people who helped them survive their first hungry winters in North America.

That’s gratitude for ya. I help you and you demonize and kill me. Wow!

#AmeriKKKa #AmeriKKKa2020