The Glover Report: Advice to Hogan: 6-6-6 Spells Trouble

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(ANNAPOLIS – November 16, 2020) – This is not the first time I have heard otherwise popular Republicans mention Pres. Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th President of these United States. Most recently, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan paid homage to the Republican giant in an op-ed.

I must say it has always amazed me to hear people laude Reagan because my memories of his administration are anything but flattering. While Reagan deserves credit for his role in the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, something that divided West and East Berlin since 1961, stateside I recall a different scenario.

The name Col. Oliver North comes to my mind when I think of Reagan. I also think of the Iran-Contra-Crack deal that flooded Black communities with crack cocaine. And I remember how Blacks were garnering lengthy prison sentences for possessing this diabolical and illicit substance while whites received a smack on the hand.

This is a piece of history easily forgotten, except if you live in one of these communities or had a relative that either died or was imprisoned because of crack’s proliferation in the Black community.

So, while First Lady Nancy Reagan was saying “Just, say no”, Col. North and his minions were creating a never-ending supply train of crack across America.

My advice for Gov. Hogan, that is – if he is seeking the Presidency, I’d leave Ronald Reagan on the shelf. Mention of his name alone turns stomachs in the Black community still today. As a matter of fact, the Maryland State Lottery number was 6-6-6 on the day he was elected.


6-6-6 spells trouble.