The Glover Report: Baltimore Mayor “Jack” Young Sticks to His Guns on Slow Re-Opening Amidst COVID-19 … and he was right!

By Doni Glover, Publisher
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(BALTIMORE – November 11, 2020) – Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young has had a lot thrown at him since taking over the reigns of leadership in Baltimore City after the political demise of former Mayor Catherine Elizabeth Pugh. Claiming that he never wanted the post, the proud East Baltimore-born and raised Black man nonetheless stepped into the role – even into the middle of a spyware computer virus that crippled City operations.

And then, COVID-19 hit.

This is to take a moment to pause … and reflect on Mayor Young’s tenure as an elected official. I personally thing that despite the mess that was thrust upon him, in one particular category – his handling of COVID has been above and beyond stellar.

While most other jurisdictions in Maryland were first to re-open, Mayor Young knew better, and I am so very proud that he made a strong stance and never buckled to pressure. I have no idea of what phone calls he received from what businesses nor what they required of him, but I’m pretty sure a lot of business owners were not feeling him.

As a business owner myself, I’m certain that some businesses – Black, white, Asian, and Latino – have been decimated, never to return. May these business owners remain in our prayers. Even more, may we all do whatever can be done to help these entrepreneurs get re-established and back to making money, even in an entirely new industry.

I did talk to one business owner yesterday. Theo Devine owned a restaurant in Northeast Baltimore. Not long ago, he transitioned to running a transportation company. In the greatest of spirit, Devine is a reminder of the tenacity, grit and grind of a true entrepreneur as we he is overwhelmingly excited about creating employment opportunities for others.

Thru it all, Mayor Young has maintained his deliberately slow re-opening of Baltimore. Today, with COVID rates rebounding to higher highs (see Gov. Hogan’s recent memo), the City of Baltimore is truly blessed at this time. Mayor Young stuck to his guns and never wavered. And if he did, he never showed it. Meanwhile, Gov. Larry Hogan recently announced a series of actions to slow down the spread.

Great job, Mayor Young! I commend your leadership in these unprecedented times as well as your commitment to our safety and well-being. No, I have not agreed with you on everything, but this right here, you smacked it out of the stadium, brother! Your leadership helped save lives and we are proud of you for that and eternally grateful. So, THANK YOU, Jack!