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Daniel Cameron denied Breonna Taylor and her family justice!

Even after millions of people rallied, and thousands risked arrest, to bring justice for Breonna Taylor, Daniel Cameron responded to our demands for justice by letting the killer cops off the hook.1 And even worse, he has the audacity to disparage activists for calling for justice,2 but said the killer cops were “justified.”3

The fight for justice isn’t over! We’re calling on Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to remove Daniel Cameron and assign a new special prosecutor to indict the officers who killed Breonna Taylor — and we need you to continue standing with us. Here’s how you can do that:

Sign the petition to demand Gov. Andy Beshear drop Daniel Cameron now!

Daniel Cameron sided with killer cops over Breonna Taylor when he made the chilling announcement that his office will not pursue charges against the cops who took her life. Instead, he will charge just one officer for bullets that hit a neighboring apartment unit — the gunshots that missed Bre!

One thing is clear, Donald: From the very beginning, Daniel Cameron did everything he could to ensure a favorable outcome for the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor. He never gave the grand jury an option to charge the three LMPD officers with her murder. And the grand jury tapes Cameron was forced to release reveal just that — he only presented evidence that would support his decision to let the cops off the hook.

Daniel Cameron is even trying his hardest to keep the truth a secret — after he lied at a press conference, a grand juror filed a legal motion for him to release the tapes to reveal the truth.4 And now, Cameron has filed a motion to keep one of the jurors from speaking publicly about the proceedings.5 What more is he hiding?

Cameron both denied Bre justice and misled the public about the grand jury proceedings. Need we say more? He has to go.

Tell Gov. Beshear the fight for justice isn’t over. We need a new special prosecutor.

This summer, the world rose up to demand accountability for our slain Black sister. We signed petitions, marched, rallied, and took to the streets to #SayHerName.

We need prosecutors who will respond fairly to our community’s calls for justice. We need elected officials who will side with the people and not cave to the special interests of the police.

Donald, will you stand with us to ensure justice for Breonna Taylor, and so many other Black women and girls killed at the hands of the police?

TAKE ACTION to continue the fight for #JusticeforBre.

Until justice is real,

Scott, Rashad, Arisha, Erika, Marybeth, Malachi, Leonard, Ernie, Madison, McKayla, Ana, Ariel, Ericka, and the rest of the Color Of Change team


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