Join Us This Week for West Wednesday! 

We wish everyone well and ask you to continue to be safe, practice social distancing, and wear your mask in these challenging times.

Given the continued concern about the coronavirus and that folks who have no symptoms can unknowingly pass it on to others, we will continue to have our weekly virtual protest. The West Wednesday Protest this week is on Wednesday September 30th at 6:30 PM. This week during West Wednesday we will be viewing  a video created that tells the story of 6 people (including Tyrone West) victimized by police in Baltimore City. One thing common to all 6 cases was the involvement of a specific officer who continues to be on the Baltimore City Police force. Please join us via Tawanda Jones’ Facebook live feed to learn more. 

Or search #WestWednesday to watch our weekly protest. Please have a virtual watch party with your friends over the internet and spread the word that police brutality which is a part of community violence, must stop. We are glad that West Wednesday continues to grow given this online format. Folks have been joining us from across the country! Please look out for the video clips from West Wednesday Protests and share them on social media! These stories need to be heard!

Please support our ongoing actions to push the Baltimore States Attorneys Office to prosecute those officers involved in the murder of Tyrone West! 
See fliers below about upcoming events!

Support the struggle to put killer cops – Ruiz, Chapman, and the other 11 to 15 involved Baltimore City Police Officers as well as past Morgan University officer Lewis in cell blocks for the brutal killing of unarmed Tyrone West!

As announced, the re-examination of Tyrone’s body – by an independent medical examiner – concluded that positional asphyxia (not a heart problem or dehydration, as the Baltimore City Medical Examiners Office falsely claimed ) was indeed the cause of death! In other words, these officers murdered Tyrone!

None of those cops have yet been charged with any crime for that vicious murder, or for any other brutal, racist action they’ve committed, like the severe beating of Abdul Salaam 17 days earlier, even though — in a civil case in the spring of 2016, brought to court by Mr. Salaam — the jury did indeed find cops Chapman & Ruiz (who also instigated the attack on Tyrone) plus a third cop, all guilty of excessive force & brutality!

These racist outrages must be fought!

Let’s continue the fight for accountability for all victims of police brutality!