African Sacred Science Webinar Moderated by Dr. Patricia Newton, Fri., Sept. 18th

A closer exploration of the wisdom of the sacred science of African spiritual systems.
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About this Event

This is the first in a webinar series that discusses the high science and ways of knowing in African sacred systems with leading experts in the field:

Professor Hunter H. Adams,III

Dr. Wade Nobles

Prof. James Small

Dr. Patricia Newton, Moderator

There will be a deep dive and exploration into the historical significance of African spiritual systems as well as their relevance in meeting the challenges of the present times.

What can we learn from these systems that have stood the test of time, despite persecution and misrepresentation?

What is it about these systems that permit them to still be manifested in our world today?

What can they teach us about evolving consciousnes and surviving modern day challenges?

How can their concepts be extrapolated to help society create a better tomorrow?

Please plan to join us. Get ready for a most informative evening!


September 17, 2020



Part 2

“African Sacred Science”

October 9, 2020 – 8:00pm ET (7:00pm CT; 6:00pm MT and 5:00pm PT)

Registration for Part 2 opens on: September 19, 2020